• Reception Class 2018 - Open Event - 20th November 2017 @ 2pm. It will be lovely to see you!


Kerry Williams Image

Kerry Williams
Year 1 Class Teacher

Cathy Moores Image

Cathy Moores
Learning Support Assistant

Angela Lambert Image

Angela Lambert
Kitchen Staff

Diane Hedley Image

Diane Hedley
Administrative Assistant

Lucy Gould Image

Lucy Gould
Learning Support Assistant

James McFarlane Image

James McFarlane
Learning Support Assistant

Olive Cullingworth Image

Olive Cullingworth
Lunchtime Assistant

Gill Paraskos Image

Gill Paraskos
Learning Mentor/SEND Administrator

Helen Leah Image

Helen Leah
Learning Support Assistant

Mark Knight Image

Mark Knight
Deputy Headteacher & Y5 Class Teacher

Linsey Morrison Image

Linsey Morrison
Reception Class Teacher

Debbie Thompson Image

Debbie Thompson
Kitchen Supervisor

Jo Haigh Image

Jo Haigh
Learning Support Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

 Nick Kyriacou Image

Nick Kyriacou
Learning Support Assistant

Craig Hackworth Image

Craig Hackworth
Year 3 Class Teacher

Sally Clark Image

Sally Clark

Cynthia Richardson Image

Cynthia Richardson
Learning Support Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Bev Walker Image

Bev Walker
Lunchtime Assistant

Mo Choudhry Image

Mo Choudhry
Site Superintendent

Helen Render Image

Helen Render
Year 5 Class Teacher

Tom Clayton Image

Tom Clayton
Year 6 Class Teacher

Danielle Gaynor Image

Danielle Gaynor
Year 2 Class Teacher

Camala Marsh Image

Camala Marsh
School Business Manager

Sarah Smith Image

Sarah Smith

Rachel Law Image

Rachel Law
Learning Support Assistant


Sarah Ambler
Year 4 Class Teacher