• Have a wonderful Summer Holiday. School reopens on Monday 4th September 2017.


Journey So Far Document

This has been an incredible and extremely rewarding journey so far for all the schools involved. Being part of the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership has increased collaborative working between the schools and there is an established support network now that did not exist in the same way before. This Partnership has done exactly what it set out to do right at the beginning of our journey – for each school to maintain its uniqueness and individuality but for us to work together, to share ideas and to ensure all the children and young people in our Partnership have the best education possible in safe and welcoming schools.

The headteachers and governors of all nine schools view the WVLP as a huge success but recognise that there is further progress to be made and at regular meetings we discuss how to make the WVLP even more successful. We would like to increase parent voice within the Partnership through the development of a Parent Forum and feel that this would add another dimension to the Partnership.

We are all Growing Together to be our best!

Bardsey Primary School News & Events
The Beginning of the End Image

The Beginning of the End

7th Jul, 2017

With the summer holidays fast approaching, we are beginning to prepare for the end of one school year and the beginning of the next. Preparations for ...

Saying Goodbye to the Tadpoles Image

Saying Goodbye to the Tadpoles

14th Jun, 2017

To mark the end of our Growing topic, we spent our final Welly Wednesday of term releasing our tadpoles into the school pond as well as fishing for ot...

School Taken Over!!! Image

School Taken Over!!!

30th Nov, 2016

The pupils of our school once again ran the school last Friday 25th November! We had young Teachers, Senior Leaders, Poppy Trainers, Teaching Assistan...

Warburtons Sandwich Workshop Image

Warburtons Sandwich Workshop

5th Jul, 2016

Year 4 and Year 3 had fun this week learning all about Warburtons and making their own healthy sandwiches using Warburtons bread (other brands of brea...