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Fun at the Farm

Fun at the Farm  ImageThe last day of term saw Reception set out on their school trip to Thornton Hall Farm. While most of the children had assured us the best part of the day would be the coach journey, their opinions were quickly changed as we spent the day feeding lambs and calves, collecting eggs and stroking alpacas. After the long awaited coach journey, we arrived at the farm and started our day by feeding the orphaned lambs and calves. We learnt how to mix the special milk for the animals and each had a turn of holding the bottle while the animals hungrily drunk their breakfast. It's safe to say, the milk didn't last long! After that, our group of budding farmers were tasked with collecting the eggs from the chicken coop. We had to be very gentle and discovered that the hens had laid brown, white and blue eggs! The chickens shared their field with two very friendly alpacas who were keen to say hello to all the children, who were happy to greet them in return and bravely stroked the friendly giants. All our farming duties had made us hungry and so we stopped in the play barn to eat our packed lunches. After lunch, and a quick play on the big slides, we met more of the animals including horses, llamas, donkeys, pigs and even emus! At the end of a fun and busy day the children had changed their mind and decided that the cows and sheep were the best part of the trip... much better than the coach!

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