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Reception and the Beanstalk

Reception and the Beanstalk Image

Reception have continued to learn about Growing this week and have been keenly following the progress of the beans we planted last week. Some have begun to grow a small shoot from the bean and we are all very excited.

Along with growing beans, the children have begun to learn the story of Jack and the Beanstalk which has supported our activities this week. We have practised phonics and writing by writing a list of instructions on "How To Grow A Beanstalk" and have been improving our doubling skills in maths using flower and petal pictures. We have also explored how animals grow from babies to adults and some of the children enjoyed building a farmyard in the construction area. We're all enjoying the sunnier weather and the children are making the most of being outside; water and sand play and den building are amongst their favourite things to do. The sun also shined upon this week's Welly Wednesday which saw the children attempt to fly the kites they had made. Don't forget to look at the photos on our class page - perhaps next week you will see out bean stalks have begun to shoot out the soil!

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