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Reception Go Green

Reception Go Green ImageReception have developed green fingers this week; growing cress, potting herbs and planting flowers. Our Reception garden is now awash with colour and greenery thanks to our busy children who spent Wednesday afternoon planting lavender, mint, thyme and sage. We have also given new life to old tyres and Welly boots by filling them with colourful flowers. While the children's fingers have turned green, Mrs Law's turned blue and yellow as she brigthened up our toy shed and reading bench. Inside the classroom, the children have been keeping a keen eye on the progress of their beanstalks and practising their measuring skills by seeing whose is the tallest. They have also been perfecting their number recognition by sharing out the correct number of magic beans. This week the children have planted cress seeds, using cotton wool and yoghurt pots. With a photo of each child on the front of the pots, we hope that once the cress begins to grow, the faces will develop some crazy green hairstyles! We're also looking forward to tucking into egg and cress sandwiches when our cress harvest allows. Our next project in the gardenwill be to develop a mud kitchen for outside play. If you have any old kitchen utensils or pots and pans, we'd love to have them to allow for a realistic play experience. If you think you can help, please pass them on to any member of the Reception team.

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