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Saying Goodbye to the Tadpoles

Saying Goodbye to the Tadpoles ImageTo mark the end of our Growing topic, we spent our final Welly Wednesday of term releasing our tadpoles into the school pond as well as fishing for other pond life. The children have really enjoyed watching the tadpoles grow and develop over the course of the half term and it wasn't long before an observant few noticed that our tadpole bowl was no longer home to just tadpoles, but some very tiny frogs too. From their learning, the children knew that once tadpoles turn to frogs, it is important to release them into a pond with lots of logs and stones for the frogs to climb out onto, which gave us a great Welly Wedesday activity. The children used their nets to dip for pond life and while the results yielded mainly slime, Henry managed to catch a newt! We are looking forward to visiting the pond again soon to see our old froggy friends.

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