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Meet The Governors

Annual Statement Document

Our school Governors play an important part in helping to raise the standards at Bardsey School. They act as a critical friend, involved in the monitoring and evaluating of the school's performance. The Governors are responsible for setting strategic direction and ensuring accountability.

The Governing Body represents a wide range of expertise and is comprised of 14 Governors. This includes the Head Teacher, 2 Foundation Governors(including the Deputy Head Teacher), 4 Co-opted Governors, 1 Local Education Authority Governor, 1 Staff Governor and 5 Parent Governors who are elected by parents of the school. In addition, the Governing Body also has 1 Associate Members.

There are 3 Governing Body meetings during each academic year. In addition there are sub-committee meetings for matters concerning Project Management, Staffing, Performance Management, Curriculum and Academic Standards, Finance and Pastoral Support. Governors also complete various training courses with safeguarding being a priority. Wharfe Valley Trust meetings and joint training with Trust schools impacts positively on school development.

All governors can be contacted via the school.

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Board Of Governors

Camala Marsh Image

Camala Marsh

I am the School Business Manager at Bardsey and I have worked at the school for 8 years. I previously worked at Wigton Moor School for 4 years. All my previous roles have been of a financial background working in banking and in the brewing industry.

I am married with 2 grown up children ages 22 and 24. In my spare time I play tennis in a team and socially at Roundhay Tennis Club  of which I am a member of the committee. My other interests include travelling and cooking.

My role is to support the Headteacher and Governors in ensuring the school budget is maintained correctly. I am a member of the Senior Leadership Team. I attend and clerk the Resources Committee meetings along with School Improvement and Pastoral Support meetings. I am an Associate Member.

My Term of Office is from 16/03/2015 to 16.03.2019

Granville Davies Image

Granville Davies

I have been a Parent Governor since November 2014. I live in East Keswick and have two children at Bardsey. A Chartered Engineer by qualification, after 18 years as a consulting engineer I now manage Yorkshire Water's long term asset strategy. Outside work, I enjoy walking, music and ferrying my children to sporting events.

I attend Resources and Project Management committee meetings. I am linked to Year 6 and I am the Governor responsible for Art, Design and Technology.

My Term of Office is from 14.11.14 to 14.11.18

Jane Ambrose (Chair) Image

Jane Ambrose (Chair)

After moving into the village in 1988, my children joined the school. Through them I became very involved with school life. Firstly with the PTA (eventually as chair) where we all had huge fun raising money for the school whilst enjoying ourselves. Secondly on the Governing Body as a Parent Governor. Once my children left the school, I became a Community Governor and am now a Co-opted Governor.

I am a qualified Radiography Teacher and have worked in London, Oxford, Jersey and Coventry Hospitals. I am a keen golfer and flower arranger and am addicted to Sudoku puzzles.

Year 5 is my special class who I have been following since they joined the school. In addition to my termly Full Governing Body Meetings, I attend six other committees, Performance Management, Pay Appeals, Pastoral Support,  Resources, School Improvement and Strategic Committee (chair). My special responsibilities are for Music and Governor Training. I also attend meetings of the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership.

My Term of Office is from 10.3.18 to 10.3.22.

Jennifer Atkinson Image

Jennifer Atkinson

I was appointed as a Community Governor in 2009. I worked in the NHS as a nurse since 1965, latterly as a District Nurse in the Seacroft area of Leeds for 29 years before retiring in 2010. In my leisure time, my interests include reading, walking, going to the theatre and holidays.

I am a member of the Pastoral Support, Pay Appeals and Performance Management Committees and my specific responsibilities are for; Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). I represent the Governing Body at the Leeds Governors Briefing Meetings which are held 4 times a year. I was appointed as a Co-opted Governor in 2009. I am linked to the Year 2 class.

My Term of Office is from 10.03.2018 to 10.03.2022

Julia Norton Image

Julia Norton

I re-joined the Governing Body in July 2012, having previously served as a Parent Governor from 1996 to 98. I have always held Bardsey Primary School very dear to my heart, having taught here from 1976 to 1994. Whenever I visit school I am always delighted to meet children of past pupils .....as it happens often! I retired in 2012 after serving 15 years as a Leeds Head Teacher, most recently at a local school - Wigton Moor. I now work part time as an Ofsted Inspector. As a Governor, I want to give something back to the school where I and my children were so happy for many years. After living in Bardsey for 35 years, I have now relocated to York. In my leisure time, my interests include walking, reading, cycling, travel and carrying out voluntary work.

I am a Foundation Representative and I am linked to Year 3. I attend meetings for School Improvement, Pay Appeals and am a member of the Strategic Committee. My responsibilities are for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), Geography and Race Equality. I am a representative of the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership Ltd.

Pecuniary Interest - Company Director of Julia Norton Education Limited

My Term of Office is from 13.07.15 to 13.07.19

Linsey Morrison Image

Linsey Morrison

I have been teaching Reception Class at Bardsey Primary School since 2011 and I am a Staff Governor. I am also the Leader of Learning in the Early Years and Key Stage One. I lead the subjects of Science and Geography with a colleague. I am a member of the Pastoral Support Committee. I am very committed to the school and look forward to being part of how Bardsey Primary School continues to develop.

My Term of Office is from 08.11.14 to 08.11.18

Mark Knight Image

Mark Knight

I am a School Governor and have been on The Governing Body since January 2014 when I joined the school.  I am the Deputy Headteacher at Bardsey and sit on the School DevelopmentResources and Project Management Committees. At Bardsey I am LiteracyPSHE and Modern Foreign Languages subject leader as well as running the school's girls' football team. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bardsey since joining and am looking forward to further working to develop the school.

My Term of Office is from 10.03.18 to 10.03.22

Peter Sparling MBE (Chair of the Resources Committee) Image

Peter Sparling MBE (Chair of the Resources Committee)

I am a retired Solicitor, Chairman of The Grammar School at Leeds General Charitable Trust, Vice President of Opera North, Chairman of the Elmet and Rothwell Conservative Association and a former leader of Leeds City Council.

I am an LEA appointed Governor, Vice Chair of the Governors as well as Chair of the Resources Committee at Bardsey. I am a member of the Strategic and Performance Management Committees and I am linked to Year 4.

My Term of office is from 09.04.2013 to 09.04.2021

Raf Flores-Adrian Image

Raf Flores-Adrian

My relationship with Bardsey Primary started when my eldest daughter did not get a place at a local school and Bardsey Primary luckily had availability. We were invited to visit and loved the school and the rest is history. I have a daughter in Year 2 and another daugher that has just started in Reception.

I was elected as Parent Governor in 2015. I am linked to the Reception Class having followed last year's Year 6 cohort through their last two years and I am very much looking forward to following their progress. I am a Mechanical Engineer and during my career, I have worked with many companies all over the world as a Business Development Manager. I also own small businesses, one of them is in childcare due to my interest in child development. I have several more interests, I love travelling and baking and go trekking from time to time. I am fluent in Spanish which I get to use to work. I am always keen to get involved with the school as much as possible, attend governors meetings and do school visits whenever I can.

I am part of the School Improvement Committee and am the Governor responsible for Science.

My Term of Office is from 29.04.2015 to 29.04.2019

Rebecca Marsden Image

Rebecca Marsden

I became a Parent Governor at Bardsey Primary during the 2018 spring term. My 2 children attend Bardsey (Y4 and Reception) and we live in Collingham. In my spare time I love to do Yoga, sew and bake. I also run a community/dementia friendly Cafe in Shadwell.

I'm a primary school school teacher and for the past 12 years l've taught almost every age at a school in Halifax specialising in teaching computing. Over the years i've seen how strong a governing team can posotively impact the development of a school and I hope to be able to help Bardsey continue to thrive. I am linked to Year 3 and I'm very much looking forward to working with them throughout the year.

My Governor subject responsibilities are for Resourcing and Pastoral

My Term of Office is from 07.03.2018 to 06.03.2022

Rev Mark Stennett Image

Rev Mark Stennett

I am a local Methodist minister in East Eeswick and whilst I have only been a Governor since late 2017, I've been a minister in East Keswick and the surrounding area for the last 3 years. Before this I was based in Lincoln where I was also a Governor.

Outside of work and ministry, I am a bit of a geek with technology (modern as well as retro ranging from computers, creating videos through to games consoles and the latest apps). I also am a big fan of films (when I have the time) and Doctor Who (unitl a month ago I had a fullsize flat pack TARDIS in my garage).

My Governor Subject responsibilities are for ICT

My Term of Office is from 13.11.2017 to 12.11.2021

Sally Clark - Headteacher Image

Sally Clark - Headteacher

I am the Headteacher of the school and sit on the Governing Body in that capacity. Having previously been the Deputy Headteacher at a school in Rawdon, Leeds for 3 years, I took up this (my first) headship at Bardsey in April 2011. During the last 6 years I have loved working with all stakeholders to help move Bardsey forward and make the school an active, vibrant part of the community.

I am married and have 2 children. Whilst I maintain a long term love of puzzles and crosswords, in more recent years I have rekindled my interest in physical sport and consequently have developed an absolute passion for ballroom dancing and badminton.

I attend all the school Governing Body meetings, both sub and full committees, and I produce a Head Teacher report 3 times a year to the full Governing Body to inform on school development. I also attend regular meetings with colleagues from other local schools that make up the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership, which we formed 3 years ago to ensure greater collaborative working between our schools.

As the Headteacher, my term of office runs for as long as I remain in post at Bardsey. My term started on 04.04.2011

Stephen Wren Image

Stephen Wren

Having moved into the area in 2009 to become an Assistant Headteacher, Raising Achievement at Tadcaster Grammar School I joined the Governing Body as a Co-opted Governor serving on the School Improvement Committee. Following my eldest child reaching school age, I was elected to be a Parent Governor. I now have two chidlren in school. I have a particular ongoing interest in assessment and school accountability.

Earlier in my career, I served as Head of Maths at a large secondary school in Cambridge, serving part time as the County Maths advisor and lectured on the KS2/3 ('Middle Years') teacher training programme at Cambridge University.

I am a director of Yorkshire Energy Doctor Community Interest Company which works with households to help with ways to reduce energy costs and to ensure that people can afford to live in a warm house.

In addition to the termly Full Governing Body Meetings, I chair the School Improvement Committee and attend the Strategic Committee.

My Governor subject responsibilities are for Maths and PE.

My Term of Office is from 14.11.14 to 14.11.18

Tim Jones Image

Tim Jones

I have been a secondary school teacher in the West Yorkshire area for 15 years.  For the past 3 years I have been Vice Principal at Woodkirk Academy, in Tingley, leading on data, examinations, and school evaluation and improvement.  I work closely with the governors and see the benefits that a strong governing body can bring to a school.  I have a firm belief that all members of the school community including the children and their parents, the teachers and the governors share the responsibility of ensuring that all aspects of the learning experience are positive.  I am a keen sportsman and regard highly the extra-curricular opportunities that schools can offer.

I was appointed as a Parent Governor in spring 2018 and have joined the Resources Committee.  I have also taken on responsibility as governor link for Year 4 (2017/18) and Safeguarding/CLA. 

My Term of Office is from 07.03.2018 to 06.03.2022