Hello all,

I have really enjoyed reading these stories to send out to you. We have another story to share with you, however some publishers require a closed platform for distributing videos. We have a button below which is password protected which contains this video. The password will be sent to you via Teachers2Parents. I hope you enjoy listening and are all staying safe.

Miss Roylance


Please find below the updated resources for Summer 1. Our topic theme this half term would have been 'Spring Sprang' so we would have been looking at all the different joys of spring. Some of the resources below are following our 'Spring Sprang' theme and others are more general. Please complete them at your leisure, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have an queries. All the best, Miss Roylance. #StaySafe

Please find all phase 2 and 3 sounds here, along with high frequency and tricky words. We have previously covered all phase 2 sounds and were part way through phase 3. Please see 'Phonics Covered' document for more details.

Here you will find 3 phonics lessons per week. We are going to recap the digraphs in phase 3.