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Whats On

We will always try and give plenty of notice about events happening at the school but on the occassions that we cannot, we will send letters home or call you personally to let you know. We will update this page on a regular basis so please keep an eye out for any changes.

Term Dates

Term 1
Start: Mon 4th Sep, 2017
Mid Term Close: Fri 20th Oct, 2017
Mid Term Open: Mon 30th Oct, 2017
End: Fri 15th Dec, 2017

Term 2
Start: Tue 2nd Jan, 2018
Mid Term Close: Fri 9th Feb, 2018
Mid Term Open: Mon 19th Feb, 2018
End: Thu 29th Mar, 2018

Term 3
Start: Mon 16th Apr, 2018
Mid Term Close: Fri 25th May, 2018
Mid Term Open: Mon 4th Jun, 2018
End: Wed 25th Jul, 2018

Future Key Dates

September, 2018 Mon 3rd Sep, 2018 Staff Training day
October, 2018 Fri 26th Oct, 2018 Staff Training day
February, 2019 Mon 25th Feb, 2019 Parents Consultation Day- School closed to Pupils
May, 2019 Fri 24th May, 2019 Staff Training day
July, 2019 Wed 24th Jul, 2019 Staff Training day

Previous Calendar Dates

July, 2018 Wed 25th Jul, 2018 Staff Training Day
  Thu 12th Jul, 2018 Sports Day
  Mon 16th Jul, 2018 Reserve Sports Day
  Tue 24th Jul, 2018 School Closes for the Summer Holidays at 3.30pm
June, 2018 Mon 4th Jun, 2018 School Opens for Summer Term 2
May, 2018 Fri 25th May, 2018 Staff Training Day
  Mon 14th May, 2018 Year 6 SAT's Week
  Fri 4th May, 2018 School Closes for May Day Bank Holiday at 3.30pm
  Tue 8th May, 2018 School Opens to Pupils
  Thu 24th May, 2018 School Closes for Spring Bank Holidays at 3.30pm
April, 2018 Mon 16th Apr, 2018 School Opens for Summer Term 1
March, 2018 Tue 6th Mar, 2018 World Book Day
  Mon 26th Mar, 2018 Year 6 Bikeability Week
  Thu 29th Mar, 2018 School Closes for Easter at 3.30pm