A Girl Looking at a Pendulum Model

Wherever you look, whatever you do and wherever you go, science is all around us. Human nature is to be curious about the world we live in and children enjoy being curious and inquisitive. From an early age, children ask the question ‘Why?’ As parents and teachers, we may not always have the answers to these questions but it can be fun trying to find out and make sense of what is happening all around us. 

At Bardsey we believe it is important to provide children with the scientific knowledge they need as they move through EYFS, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and on to Key Stage 3. Units of work are taught to each year group as outlined in the national curriculum for Science, which gives children a broad understanding of many aspects of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.  

Children carry out scientific investigations right the way through school and learn how to work scientifically right from the beginning of Early Years, Key Stage 1 through to Year 6.


Scientific enquiry is the area that the children seem to enjoy most. Discovering things for themselves, rather than being told, is a great way to learn in a meaningful way. It is not always finding out why things work but also learning from why things do not work. Science is used to develop writing skills as much as possible and we use the same structure of writing-up our experiments all the way through school using the question, prediction, method, results, conclusion and evaluation format.  

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