At Bardsey Primary School the education and wellbeing of all our children is paramount. We treat all children with respect, and we differentiate our learning to cater for individual needs. We firmly believe in the importance of working and communicating with parents to ensure continuity between school and home. We also believe that a multi-agency approach is the ideal for all SEND children as this ensures that families feel supported and that people are working together to provide the best possible education for their child.
Please see some frequently asked questions answers below for further information.

What do I do if I think my child or young person may have special educational needs? The first person to contact is your child’s class teacher. They will have a firm idea of your child’s ability and how they are coping with the work given to them in class. They will then pass any concerns onto the school’s Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinators (SEND Team). An action plan will then be put in place detailing what work needs to be carried out by the school, how often and by whom. In very severe cases of special educational need, the school will make a referral to an Educational Psychologist or the Complex Needs Team. In all cases, parents will be kept informed throughout the entire process. There may be some cases where school will recommend parents approach their GP with their concerns or school may also suggest that an Early Help Plan or an Educational Health Care Plan be considered. This decision will only be taken after in-depth discussions with multi-agencies and in conjunction with the family and the pupils involved.

How will I know how well my child or young person is doing and how will you help me support my child’s learning? In addition to the Annual School Report given to all parents, we hold two meetings a year where parents are invited to come along and discuss their child’s progress. However, we have a very open-door policy at our school and teachers are very happy to answer brief queries at any time or for a more detailed discussion they will happily make an appointment for a mutually agreed time. If your child has an IEP, these will be shared and reviewed with parents termly and guidance will be given on how parents can support their child in working towards their targets. Each term a class newsletter is sent home telling parents what their child is learning that term and offers advice as to how they can support their child at home. Teachers will contact parents as soon as they feel any child is beginning to dip in their progress since early intervention will often rectify the situation. Children with a more long-term SEN or disability will be involved with multi agencies who will communicate closely with each other to ensure parents are kept fully informed of progress. We hold curriculum evenings for parents to find out how we teach certain subjects so that the same methods are taught at home. Regular reviews will be held to support those pupils who hold an EHP / EHCP.

How will the school help children and young people transfer to the next phase of education? For those SEND children who require it, we offer additional transition days to visit the new school and acclimatise to the new building and new systems. For other vulnerable children who may just find the transition to High School especially difficult, the school will seek out support from Targeted Services who offer good transition activities and will allocate funding to support this if appropriate. The Headteacher/SEND Team will liaise with the SENDCo of the new school to ensure vital information is passed on and CP records are transferred securely to the new school then dated and filed appropriately in our archive. Parents of SEND children are well supported by the school in their decision of which school to send their child on to. A member of the SEND Team will visit the new school with parents if requested to talk about the child’s needs and whether that school offers the appropriate facilities for that individual and discussions will also be held with parents about whether a Special School setting may possibly be the best option for their child.

Who can I contact for further information? The school office is a good place to start for any enquiries on 01937 572612. The staff that work in there, Mrs Hedley and Mrs Marsh, will help you or point you in the right direction to get the right answers. You can also email the school office on and mark your email for the attention of Miss Roylance, our SENDCO, if required.

Further information on the Leeds Local Offer for pupils with SEND can be found at!/directory