We are preparing children for a future in a world that is ever changing, a world in which being ICT and computer literate is as essential as being able to read and write. It is our aim to give the children at Bardsey Primary School the experience and skills necessary to enable them to embrace technology and use it effectively not just in isolated computing lessons but across the curriculum so that they can apply these skills in their everyday lives.

Good quality digital learning resources are available to enable full coverage of the curriculum.

The number of computers is appropriate to meet the needs of users and allow flexibility.

Every classroom has a data projector and interactive whiteboard.

Resources created and used by teachers are readily available via the learning platform.

The school network is well maintained with fast connections to the school network and the internet.

Pupils are safe when using the internet as the service is appropriately filtered and monitored. Children and parents are regularly reminded of the need to keep safe and free from cyber bullying and social media whilst at home and children know how to report anything they find distressing or inappropriate.

There are opportunities for pupils to apply and consolidate their computing capability across all curriculum contexts.

We keep pace with educational developments in computing.

We share our success both in and beyond school.