Religious Education is a statutory subject in its own right and in addition to the National Curriculum for all our children.  We teach RE according to the Leeds Agreed Syllabus. It is mainly Christian in focus, also teaching about other world religions and culture, and builds on the child’s experience.  RE has a dedicated slot in our timetable but is also delivered through teaching within assemblies. 

Whole school assemblies take place twice a week. On Monday the assembly introduces the weeks value (from Values for Thinking scheme) and celebrates birthdays. Our regular Friday Celebration Assembly, to which parents are invited, celebrates achievements made throughout the week.  Other assemblies are held
within Key Stages and often focus on inspirational people or celebrations from other cultures or religions. Spiritual and moral developments are important elements of a child’s education and our most recent OFSTED inspection commented that “pupils’ good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is evident in their mature attitudes, influential roles as school councillors”.  In partnership
with home we hope that our children will develop the ability to question and reason, enabling them to make responsible decisions and choices.  Parents have the right to withdraw their children from RE and collective worship and should put their wishes in writing to the Head teacher who will then make alternative arrangements for them during that time.

The teaching of PSHE is an intrinsic element of our RE curriculum. PSHE includes Circle Time activities and the development of ther understanding of democracy and how societies function through our well established Class and School Councils.